Intranet Password Information
Forgot Your Password / Access Revoked? | Logon Procedure | Password Expired

Forgot Your Password / Access Revoked?

If you have forgotten your password or revoked your access, ask your supervisor to contact your RACF administrator to have your password reset. Intranet access is revoked after five unsuccessful logon attempts.

Your intranet User Name and password are the same as your RACF ID and password, consisting of three characters for your User Name and eight characters for your password. More password requirements are below.

Proceed to the TWC Intranet

Logon Procedure

To logon you are required to enter your TWC assigned User Name and self-assigned password. When entered correctly the "Memo from the Executive Director" page will appear. If you did not enter the information correctly, the Windows Authentication Box will reappear. Verify your password to ensure that it is correct. If your password has expired, you will be prompted to enter a new password.

Proceed to the TWC Intranet

Password Expired

Your password expires after 60 days and you must create a new password. Follow the process described below to create a new password. The page will look similar to the following sample.

-- Sample Only --

TWC Password Expired

The password you entered has expired and must be changed before your access can be authorized. This is a security feature designed to protect your account. To change the password, please enter your TWC User ID, current password, new password, and new password again.

*** Your password must be 8 characters and NOT the same as one of your previous passwords ***

TWC User ID:
New Password:
Reenter New Password:

(Passwords will appear as asterisks.)

Password Requirements:

After successfully entering your new password, you will get a page that looks similar to the following:

-- Sample Only --

The password has been SUCCESSFULLY changed !!

To continue, click the "Retry Request" button and enter your new password when prompted for user ID and password. IMPORTANT: You MUST enter your NEW password; otherwise access will be denied.

After clicking the "Retry Request" button, you will get the usual pop-up authentication box. After entering your User Name and new password into the pop-up box and clicking "OK", the "Memo from the Executive Director" page will be displayed.

Proceed to the TWC Intranet

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